Bali in Pandemic

Bali, who doesn’t know about this beautiful island. Also known as The Island of Gods. This island is located on the southern coast of Indonesia, well known for its natural beauty. It is not only the natural charm that attracts many people from all over the world to come to Bali, but also because of the uniqueness of the local indigenous culture, namely Balinese Hinduism, which until now is held firmly by its inhabitants. Not only that, on this island we will find lots of people from various nationalities from all over the world mingling into one which makes this island a dream destination for traveling and living here starting a new lifestyle, namely the island of the gods.

Today many people are wondering how life in Bali has been since the Pandemic hit all corners of the world, especially Bali and Indonesia. As we know, the majority of the economy in Bali is very dependent on the tourism sector. It is certain that all aspects of life in Bali are currently affected by the pandemic and the closure of access for international tourists to visit this island. We will find a view that is very much different from before, the airport looks deserted, especially at the International terminal, many hotels and restaurants reduce the number of employees, souvenir shops that we usually see mushrooming along the side of the road in tourism centers, now many have chosen to close.

In 2019, Bali which last year was named the number one world destination with international tourist arrivals approaching 6.3 million per year, is also waving its white flag, slowly adapting to the fact that currently they cannot expect much to survive this difficult situation from foreigner tourist arrivals. And so the term staycation started to emerge, targeting expats and domestic tourists. Prices have been cut heavily, even hotels that usually set high prices are now charging more affordable prices to survive a pandemic like this time.